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Our Simple Christmas Eve
Tuesday, 25 December 2012 - Permalink | 2 Comments

Enjoy our simple Christmas celebration at beach , Bak-bak . Lol
BBQ, play sand and sea , walk around the beach .
No present exchanged , no christmas tree . 

My little brother . :*  he's doing ultraman's style 

It's me . Why looks so thin?

HAHAHA . my sweethearts . Ferdinand & Fiona .

He was watching oggy & the cockroaches . huh..

Mum & dad. Mum , why looked so serious? Smile ^_^

Nah ! With my freaking asdfghjkl sister . Flora . hahaha

Sorry, my uncle didn't took a photo with us . :D


Blogger Unknown// said...

its Christmas but i'm at home eating haha merry Christmas 2 u 2 dear :D

Blogger Florence Ayum said...

:D hahahaa thank you ! ^_^


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