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Quick Segment: Why We Love Blogging? By Najihah Najmy
Friday, 28 December 2012 - Permalink | 4 Comments

Tagged by my babe , Shaz. Thank you for tagging me :)
This is the first time I saw a segment in English!
It's kinda easy to enter this segment . Look at the terms & condition below please. Sorry , I'm lazy to type it back . So , I just copied and paste it . lalalala

Terms and Conditions
  • Open to all Malaysian Bloggers
  • Must follow this blog -->  
  • Must follow my twitter -->  *Twitter users only*
  • Must CLICK HERE and HERE 
    How to enter
    • Create a post with the title "Quick Segment: Why We Love Blogging? By Najihah Najmy"
    • Stick the banner above in your post and link it to this entry.
    • Tell me reasons why you love blogging in any form. Ex. essay, summary, points etc.
    • You can right it in BM or BI *I don't mind*
    • Please printscreen as proof you've followed this blog :)
    • Tag 2 or more blogger friends. Make sure they know!
    • Done. Paste your link entry in the comment box. NOT IN CBOX! 

    Just straight to the point okay?
    Why We Love Blogging?

    • Can make friends :)
    • Who said only books can improve our knowledgement? We also can improve our knowledgement through blogs :)
    • Having fun with Giveaway that make by bloggers.
    • Apart from the above answers, we can express our feelings on blog . We can write our daily life on blog.

    Sorry , it is just a simple answers. I don't mind if I'm lost in this segment . Joining this segment is just for fun and gaining more followers or friends .

    I'm the 322 follwers of you. In the red box :)
    I'm sorry if got any grammar or writing mistaken . :)

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    Blogger Sya Chot .. said...

    thank tag dear,nanti ada masa sys join ok.:)

    Blogger Ƞurul Ƨyafiqah said...

    Thanks tag Fiqah, Flo! :D Tapi sekarang dh busy sikitlah dgn sekolah. Hihi.Tengoklah macam mana ;)

    Blogger Florence Ayum said...

    okay :) hehehe

    Blogger Najihah Najmy said...

    Singgah sini. Thanks for joining!
    Nice post. Jom berblogwalking dgn peserta lain!


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